Introducing the Power of YOUmanity

MFOH Thailand

Kunpariya Khonthong

Why do you want to participate in Miss Face of Humanity ?
I have made the decision to participate in Miss Face of Humanity because it could be an opportunity for me to further advocate for humanitarian causes, promote positive change, and inspire others to make a difference in the world.
What does world peace mean to you ?
For me, peace doesn’t mean the absence of war, but rather a state that arises from the smallest things within us, within our minds. When our minds are calm, peaceful, and positively inclined, we begin to generate positive energy in our interactions with others. This is giving, and the greatest giving leads to peace and reduces conflicts altogether.
Tell us one thing you would love the world to know about your country.
What I want everyone to think about my country is very simple. Just looking at me, you’ll see a smile on my face because my country is the land of smiles. I believe the hospitality of our home is warm and second to none in the world.
Tell us one thing you would love the world to know about you.
“Never-mind” is a tool that enables me to adopt an optimistic or positive mindset, which can uplift spirits. I use this word to comfort myself and to reconsider situations. Tomorrow is my day.
Anything else you would like to share ?
What I want to tell everyone here on this stage is that I stand here because my family is crucial. With love, warmth, and the inspiration I find in the opportunities they provide, my family is the cornerstone that has propelled me to this point. As I stand here on this stage, I will always think of my family, who has brought me this far. I will never forget them, and their love will be with me always.

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