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MFOH Portugal

Carolina Brito

Why do you want to participate in Miss Face of Humanity ?
The title affected me in a certain way. Because I would really like to share a little of my story. In short, my parents and grandparents felt what it was like to not have food. I live now in Lisbon and unfortunately there are still many people without shelter. I would like to help fight poverty and try to make people more supportive. This is the right contest to defend my motto.
What does world peace mean to you ?
For me, world peace represents the absence of conflict, global cooperation and mutual respect between nation, promoting an environment where all people can live without fear of violence or instability.
Tell us one thing you would love the world to know about your country.
Just a sentence about Portugal: Portugal enchants with its rich history, stunning landscapes and unique cousine.
Tell us one thing you would love the world to know about you.
I would love for the world to know that I am committed to cultivating that I am committed to cultivating empathy, endless learning, and contributing to a more inclusive and compassionate future.
Anything else you would like to share ?
I´m taking a social service course, this course also helps with poverty and helps people overcome. It also helps combat inequality, among other social causes.

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