Introducing the Power of YOUmanity

MFOH Mexico

Beatriz Cavazos

Why do you want to participate in Miss Face of Humanity ?
Miss face of humanity gives voice to women full of courage, love for themselves and society, creating and inspiring everyone to be better every day and give that example of a complete woman, with a lot of intelligence and natural beauty.
What does world peace mean to you ?
It is the state of being in perfect balance and alignment, having emotions of happiness, great satisfaction and confidence, if we integrate that concept in each of us and apply it daily the peace of the world, the energy and the results would be magnificently positive.
Tell us one thing you would love the world to know about your country.
We are a country widely abundant in lands, mountains, rivers, lakes, beaches, forests, animals and beautiful, warm people, always willing to give you a hand, land of great incredible stories, where generation after generation we leave our mark and fill the world with love with incredible and unmatched gastronomy.
Tell us one thing you would love the world to know about you.
Striving for inner balance and alignment, fostering happiness, satisfaction, and confidence in daily life, can radiate positively, enhancing global peace, energy, and outcomes
Anything else you would like to share ?
I feel happy, calm and willing to give my best at all times, I thank God and each of the people who make up this project! Thank you!

The Change-makers
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