Introducing the Power of YOUmanity

MFOH Costa Rica

Katherine Mora

Why do you want to participate in Miss Face of Humanity ?
I wish to take part because I am aware that this is a worldwide platform dedicated to help others and transforming humanity. It’s not about me; it’s about how many lives we can save and how many people we can support and assist globally. This goes beyond a competition. In my opinion, it’s about the potential good that could arise from a platform as significant and targeted as Miss Face of Humanity.
What does world peace mean to you ?
Unfortunately, world peace is something that is in short supply nowadays, and I am aware that the only way to restore it is through education, peace and love. I sincerely hope that if there is a new pandemic it is one of love so we can witness a genuine change within ourselves and in our society that will be reflected in our exterior and in how we speak, treat and help others. We are here to help and to bring the best to humanity.
Tell us one thing you would love the world to know about your country.
My country Costa Rica, the country of “Pura vida”, the country where environmental conservation is extremely important, the country where my eyes fill with green when seeing so many mountains, volcanoes, beaches, the country where its people always have a smile and a thank you. How proud I am to be Costarricense , how proud of my nation, and how breathtakingly beautiful Costa Rica is in every sense. A country where the army does not exist and where peace is its greatest attribute, as the national anthem says, “always long live work and peace”. The country of pure life, my beloved Costa Rica.
Tell us one thing you would love the world to know about you.
I want the world to know that I am a person who has experienced a wide range of positive and negative stages, both good and bad in my life. Despite the challenges, I have never given up and have always found strength in God, in universal love, in my mental health, in my self-love, in my family, in my friends, and in all the little angels who encourage me to grow as a woman every day. All of this has led me to become the woman I am today of whom I am very proud. I want to set a good example for perseverance and faith. I want to tell Humanity that all positive dreams are possible.
Anything else you would like to share ?

I consider myself extremely fortunate to be here and to be able to share with so many people from around the globe. I know whether we win or not, this has already had an influence and contributed to a shift in humanity. Thank you, Miss Humanity’s Face.

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