Introducing the Power of YOUmanity

MFOH Malaysia

Malveen Kaur Gill

Why do you want to participate in Miss Face of Humanity ?

I believe what better way could I proudly represent a movement that is celebrating the act of humanity? The value that is highly needed in this world. With this opportunity, I want to inspire all to understand their abilities and capabilities to sustain the value of humanity.

What does world peace mean to you ?

It means to be free of hatred and war. We stand and rise together. A world with peace is a world filled with kindness and love. A world free from discrimination and selfishness. A world where we can live and breathe without fear.

Tell us one thing you would love the world to know about your country.

We are a nation of warm hearts and amazing hospitality. Malaysia is a melting pot of different cultures and heritage. Our history is what makes us to be Malaysia Truly Asia. Filled with diversity and unity.

Tell us one thing you would love the world to know about you.

hen I am not covered in glitz and glam, deep down I am just a simple person. I want a little less happiness, fun, a good set of friends, and experience life like no other. I crave the best yet in a moderate way.

Anything else you would like to share ?

When I am not in my pageant heels, I am in my dancing shoes. I love to dance because it gives me the feeling of freedom and I will not allow myself to be devoured by worries and fear.

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