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Miss Face of Humanity was founded by Terence Kings in 2017 and started locally in Toronto, Canada. Over the years, the organization has grown to provide women under 30 a platform to support and to showcase their purpose, poise, and passion for humanity to the world. Miss Face of Humanity is a global platform for women who believe in the power of Humanity to change the world. Our goal is to present and showcase the most amazing and inspirational women from across the world, who are on a mission to spread Love, uplift Humanity and to inspire the world towards peace and unity.


Miss Face of Humanity provides a platform and countless opportunities for young women to share their voices, purpose, poise and confidence to the world. A big part of what we do is to prepare our ambassadors to be ready to contribute to the advancement of world peace and diplomacy across the world. Through our global network of partners and national directors, we select, train, develop and showcase these women and their passions on a global stage. We celebrate these women and support their ambitions and visions for a better world.


To establish a global forum that empowers young women to voice their narratives and advocacies, enabling them to spearhead initiatives aimed at effecting significant change in society.


The Miss Face of Humanity Organization wants every ambitious young woman to be seen and heard. We believe in these women and we want them to grow in whatever they do and leave their mark on the world, irrespective of the size of their dreams, their backgrounds and color. We hope to create a long lasting impact in the world through our ambassadors, the title winners, our partners and the initiatives we undertake in different parts of the world.


Becoming the Miss Face of humanity title winner is a big challenge and a huge responsibility the winner must embrace wholeheartedly. To lead in love and humble service for humanity is a requirement for the crown.


The Miss Face of Humanity winner is a Global Ambassador for Youth and Women empowerment all around the world. She represents an opportunity to lead passion projects designed to make positive economic and community-focused changes in the cities she travels to.


She is the FACE of Humanity and throughout the course of her reign, the Miss Face of Humanity title winner will travel the world to engage with our partners, the media and different community initiatives. Her work will be directed toward women empowerment initiatives, world peace and diplomacy, education, and tourism.

Highlights of Miss Face of Humanity 2022 Global Ambassador’s Humanitarian Work


The Miss Face of Humanity is built on the promise to change the world, so we have partnered with different organizations in supporting initiatives that are geared toward creating maximum impact in the lives of children and youths in developing countries. Through the Miss Face of Humanity events, our ambassadors from all participating countries work together with our community partners through volunteering and advocacy by raising awareness and funds to support diverse initiatives, including but not limited to menstrual hygiene, health and safety measures, and the education of children and youths in developing countries around the world.


GiveHer5 is a social initiative bringing menstrual hygiene awareness and safe solutions to women in rural areas across India. For every $3.30 donated, GiveHer5 provides Saafkins™, a washable, reusable, antimicrobial and affordable period panty, to women that would otherwise resort to unhygienic and harmful alternatives. Through an expansive network of corporate and NGO partners, GiveHer5 distributes Saafkins™, holds informative workshops, and performs critical research to ensure that menstruators have equal opportunities to attend school and work, closing the education and income gaps caused by period poverty. GiveHer5 is now working on taking this initiative global, focusing on building up a similar network across parts of Africa.


Livinguard is a sustainable hygiene technology company focused on reinventing hygiene in the 21st century to protect the global community and our planet. Livinguard’s innovative antiviral and antibacterial technology can be applied to many materials, turning them into self-disinfectants. Livinguard is committed to positively impacting countless lives over the next decade. It is involved in multiple social impact activities across health, drinking water and sanitation, where the company operates under the “Livinguard Cares” umbrella. Livinguard has applications across water purification, air purification, medical textiles, apparel, consumer hygiene, personal hygiene and much more.


1. Where is the Miss Face of Humanity global Headquarters located?

Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

2. Can I know how you select your delegates?

Yes, of course. We work with different national directors and partners across the world to select the delegates that will represent their countries at the international level. The selection process is different for each country, but it could be done either through a preliminary event, castings, auditions or by appointment.

3. How can I apply to join Miss Face of Humanity?

Please visit the apply page and fill in your information. Once we receive your application, we will forward it to the respective director. Moreover, check your country’s page to see if you can apply directly.

4. Can I know the name and purpose of the Miss Face of humanity crown?

Yes, of course. It is called the “Crown of Love”, which is a constant reminder to our organization and the title winner that the mission is and will always be For Love and For Humanity.

5. Can I know if your preliminaries are separated from the show?

Yes, they are separate. The preliminary challenges will help us determine the winners that will advance into the top 15.

6. Will the international event be hosted in Canada all the time?

No, our goal is to host it in different countries as well.

7. Can I know what kind of ambassador or Queen you are looking for?

We are looking for someone with the ability to inspire, to lead and who can impact and improve the lives of others. The selection committee will be looking at those qualities and others.

8. Will the title winner stay in Toronto?

For the year 2022, She will only stay in Toronto for all her media and partner tours across Canada. For the most part, her reign will be outside of Canada.

9. Can I know if there is a top 5? Or what’s the breakdown leading to the title?

For 2022, the breakdown is as follows; Top 15, Top 10, Top 4 and crowning.

10. Can I know if there is a national costume category?

NO, we do not have a traditional costume category. We replaced it with something unique and inspiring, called the DIPLOMATIC costume category, which will allow all delegates to showcase a diplomatic outfit related to their country's diplomatic culture and to defend their country’s work in connection to promoting unity and world peace. This segment is very important because diplomacy is a big part of what we do.

11. Can I know if there is a swimsuit category?

NO, we do not have a swimsuit segment.

12. How can I become a national Director?

Please visit our contact page and send us your request and we will get back to you.

13. How can I support Miss Face of Humanity?

You can support us by: promoting and celebrating our ambassadors and their visions for a better world, voting for your favorite ambassador, fundraising, and supporting our community initiatives, buying our merchandise from our store.

14. How does the fan vote challenge work?
15. Can I vote for the same candidate twice?

Yes, you can vote multiple times.

Miss Face of Humanity is a global showcase for female change-makers who believe in the power of humanity to change the world.